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Under my HMO licence I am allowed 7 households and 7 people to stay in my property. The property has 7 bedrooms. I have one tenant that has her partner staying with her. I noticed this and told her that that the guy cannot stay permanently in the house. She said ok. I have observed in the morning he his is always there either going to have a shower or having breakfast. I have collected evidence from other tenants and they say that he is always in the house and staying overnight. The women has signed a single ROOM only AST (downloaded from RLA website) with her name on it and when the room was rented I stated the room is for her only. What can I do? Can I say now that he can no longer come into the house? He does not pay rent so legally if I ask him to leave and he comes back is he then a trespasser? Also, someone told me that under a AST partners can stay with the person on the tenancy if this is the case what about the HMO licence? What if all of the 7 people had partners then legally I would have to let them all stay thats 14 people and 7 households.

19/05/2017 17:46

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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