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HB fraud investigation

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I have just found out a tenant is now under investigation for HB payments as her partner has been living there and earning money.

HB has stopped at this time and luckily it has always been paid to the tenant.

I am going to find out more later this week.

Has anyone specifically had this issue before ?

I am hoping to keep her as a tenant and issue a new tenancy with her partner. I can only do this if the HB she will need to repay can be paid at a nominal amount per week. This will mean she could still afford to pay for the ongoing rent because her partner will have earnings. They are not a huge amount. His weekly take home is £250 approx. HB is £100 per week.

She has been in the house 3 years and HB has been £15k in that period. I think the boyfriend was on the scene for most of this time, but he hasn't been there permanently. Although i am assuming he has been in reality.

Does anyone know what practical problems i may come up against? Could i be seen as doing something wrong ?

Would it be a good idea to issue a section 21 as a precaution and if the rent comes back into payment i let it lapse ? Having spoken to her tonight they are going to work out what rent they can afford and will let me know at the end of the week when i am in that area (i don't live local).

Any help appreciated.

22/05/2017 20:34

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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