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Tenants in considerable rent arrears (about £3000) ended the tenancy on 2 April after being given notice to quit but left behind all their possessions including furniture. They have been abroad all this year and communication from them has been extremely limited. We gave them 3 months notice to collect their possessions by 26 May and have packed up and stored them at our expense. Our letter to them via their representative advised "the possessions will be removed from the apartment and if they want any items they should make arrangements with us to store at their expense. At the end of May we will dispose of them." We have today received an email via their representative that they may wish to arrange to collect the possessions and store in a unit in the city centre. Where do we stand on releasing the goods back into their hands? Are we within our rights to ask for payment to cover the costs of packing and storing the items to date? The tenants have done badly by us and the DPS deposit which we have now had returned via a single claim does not cover the amount of rent arrears owed. If the 26 May deadline passes without the items being collected, would we be within our rights to sell such items thereby reducing the rent arrears owed? When could we start selling the items?

23/05/2017 12:05

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