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Not sure if this is the correct forum but I have an issue with the service level.

The general maintenance and landscape maintenance in particular is very very poor. Despite a number of complaint from myself and other landlords the level of work is almost non existent.

They have changed contractor for at least the outside areas but it is still an un-kept shambles with long grass patches/areas, brambles weeds and small self seeded bushes growing in the paving (I had to pressure them to remove what was becoming a small tree from within the open waste store! This also only has two small wheelie bins for 8 studios.

The "secure" entrance doors do fit very well with no closing on one off them, the intercom system continuously makes a noise and the internal lighting is not very good in that it only comes on for set time and it can be very dark in the communal areas.

The option maybe to go the Right to Manage route which I think we will need 51% of owners.

Any advice or experiences on either would be much appreciated.

26/05/2017 16:34

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