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surveyor negligence caused my house sale to collapse.

You are here : Member Forums General Discussion surveyor negligence caused my house sale to collapse.
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in a nutshell... I had a property sold STC. The purchaser commissioned a home buyers survey ( they were cash buyers)so far so good then I get a call from irate purchaser stating that according to the environment agency website the property is in a flood zone and the surveyor has devalued it by 53K advised they will struggle to get insurance and not be able to sell it easily!!
No 1, The property is NOT on the EA flood zones.
No2 as a recent development my postcode is "not recognised" by the web site so what postcode did he use???
No 3 if you actually look at the flood zone map my property sits way outside their zones.

Result... having paid £700 for a survey and despite being shown the evidence that he got it wrong, they now have a bad vibe and have withdrawn.

My problem, I rang the surveyor to try and explain his error to try and save the sale. I was giving him opportunity to revise his opinion in light of new info BUT he refused to speak to me as I was not his client.

It transpires, they are the hand of God when it comes to their advice and opinion they give to the "purchaser" and us sellars have no redress despite losing a sale, having to drop out of a purchase plus the monies and time wasted looking for a property etc for both parties.

I am doubtful RICS will entertain a complaint from me as I am not the client! Do they not have a duty of care to their client who paid £700 for an expert opinion on which to base their decisions?? and should they not be made accountable to the party they injure by their negligence??

If any one can point me in the direction of help regarding taking this man to task over this please tell me how ! :-(

26/05/2017 20:52

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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