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Hi... Newbie here asking for a bit of advice.
I have a tenant who has vacated the house 8 months before the joint AST agreement end date. He has failed to pay rent for the last 3 months. His argument is that he has tried to find a replacement tenant to no avail and he thinks that it is down to the fact that the house is messy / unrentable. There are 6 other tenants living there and no one else has complained. I have filed a MCOL online for the rent arrears to the guarantor after numerous requests for payment and notice of legal action. She has subsequently submitted a counterclaim stating that the house is dirty and unrentable and is asking for £150 for advertising the house for a replacement tenant and trips to the house to clean. I now have to fill in a directions questionnaire but unsure how to proceed. Is mediation a good route to take initially? Does she have a valid counterclaim? Where do I stand? If it does go to court what are my chAnces of winning this case considering it is a signed AST!?

28/05/2017 22:28

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