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After hearing consistent their commitment for rent payments and , their consistent abuse of the utilities, and lack of respect for neighbours and so on. I like the neighbours would like to ask them to leave, but also to pay the outstanding rents.
They are in their second year, a periodic term, as they decided they wish to leave sometime before their 1 year was up, then decided they were staying. They are living rent free in my one bedroom flat which is inc of bills, it's mum dad and a child around age of 4 and i was recently told by them that mum is pregnant. They are on housing benefit and for almost first year paid rent on time. During the first year 3 sets of tenants below them moved out, stating that they could not tolerate the level of noise during the nights as it seemed these tenants were having drinking sessions with their friends.
In my more recent visits I have noticed that the electric heaters and electric fans are on at the same time not to mention a lot of cooking go on, and windows open. As they became over 2 months in arrears I contacted the local council to make direct payments of their HB, the red tape started with only replies coming back "thanking me for contacting them nd that they had 30, 0r 40 etc days within which to reply. The tenants were reluctant for me to get involved with the HB and when the council said they not provide me with any information without the tenants permission, i.e. a third party authority they could not discuss the delays or any other part of their claim. Eventually I managed to get the tenants signed authority and with this in hand produced at the council. I have made at least 2 appointments to see the council who operate an appointment only system and these can take a month or more from time of contact. So on my first visit I was informed that the tenants had not provided a list of documents and therefore their claims suspended, I also found out that despite the tenants claiming that their housing benefit had stopped sometime back, they were receiving it, the housing benefit owed to me was about 50% of the arrears. So with the list of documents required, I asked the tenants to print these out and made another appointment known as a drop off, where you literally go in hand docs in and get a receipt, but not allowed to ask any questions etc - I drove the tenant there and back to make sure this was done. As nothing was forthcoming I telephoned the council yesterday and I was told that their claim was suspended due to changes in their circumstances.... and that the council now had 30 days to process the documents, so I asked to speak a manager, but was told that none available and that i could request a ring back from one, (i explained the last time I requested this and provided a date when one would call and waited anxiously that day no one phone me). So i found my self fighting the advisor who used terms like " I am an Advisor and I can't answer this as I am not Head Office..." I simply asked for the advise she was providing to be emailed to me or in writing by post - "we do not have that facility" - So I insisted on waiting however long to speak with a manager, she came back and said that they would send me an email as requested. That is where we are today and I haven't received that email yet.
They smoke in the flat, they have been seen throwing tea or coffee out of their window causing staining on window cill below, they are noisy
Please can you provide me with a step by step of what it is I need to do to get these tenants out.(please also bear in mind that they have a guarantor in place from when they moved in) I wrote to the guarantor by recorded delivery soon after the rent arrears started. Soon after this their was an attempted break in at the let property, and I was told by witnesses that 3 Polish people were banging and shouting in Polish in the direction of these tenants around 1.30am - and that these witnesses told them to leave as they were disturbing everyone. The police attended shorty after this, although the matter was reported to the police, they have not taken matter further despite my concerns to them.
I want them out and I want them to pay their rent arrears.
For your information I submitted their deposit into the DPS within one month of receipt, I did carry out a check in inventory with them with photographs. I used the RLA AST agreement. I have an EPC for the flat. I have a Gas Safe certificate current and previous ones. i carried out an electrical test and I have the cert for this within last 5 years.
I would like your help in this matter

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01/06/2017 06:55

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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