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My tenant has been constantly late paying the rent. The housing benefit was initially being paid to the tenant but because she was so bad at handling the money we both decided that direct payment would be for the best. I filled out all the paper work and sent it to universal credit. I heard nothing for a couple of months, I did ask my tenant whether the payments had stopped being paid to them. They said that they had,then one evening I received a text from them saying that they where mistaken and the rent had been paid and that they had spent it. Unfortunately they are not on U/C but some other benefit. To cut a long story short they are about to leave still owing me £1400 and have told me that they will not be giving me a forwarding address because its not theirs to give. What can I do and when will the government learn that paying direct to the tenant is wrong and a missus of public funds.

01/06/2017 18:51

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