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Hello All,

I have had a run in with my lettings agent which resulted in my taking my property from them and letting it to new tenants with a different agent. Due to their incompetencies, and the awkward tenants, that have now moved out, I am £2500 (rental arrears and damages) down.

They applied a CCJ to the tenants, but are refusing to send me any information regarding this nor will they send me a copy of the original management agreement I had with them (I have moved and this is in storage. In fact they refuse to respond to anything I email now. As I don't have a copy of the CCJ I don't know how I would enforce or go about chasing the rental arrears. I am also appalled i have paid them a fee for three years to leave me in such a mess.

Please advise as to next steps?

02/06/2017 17:36

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