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My property was let through an agent. The agent has not taken a check out inventory it looks like. When I asked for the check in inventory the person who was there said it was with some one else. the tenants have left a lot of their belongins in the apartment for one month now. How long can I let them use my property as a storage place. What rights do I have to dispose of the furniture they have left after how long can i get rid of them. Also how long can we ask the agent to keep the deposit before returning it. Is there a time limit. When I asked some one in RLA for advice I was told ASAP and that there is no time limit. It does not sound right; or is it? Can I ask the agent to keep it until they remove the furniture?. I cannot get new potential tenants to view the property while their furniture is in there what can I do? Rainbow

08/06/2017 13:00

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