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Hi there,

I was under the impression that pest issues that arise as a result of a tenants occupancy are to be dealt with and paid for by the tenant.

I have done some limited research and I keep coming back to the same statement, "The Landlords is responsible for a wasp nest removal upon the commencement of a tenancy, however if the Wasp Nest occurs midway through a tenancy it is the responsibility of the tenant to arrange the removal and costs.

What is the general consensus among everyone here?

Bearing in mind that this tenant has been warned on numerous occasions about the cleanliness and state of the outside of the property with regards to their blatant refusal to dispose of their waste in the correct manner, instead of placing it in the plastic wheelie bins and presenting it for the refuse collection they prefer to just pile up bags and ignore the weekly collections and every now and then hire a skip to remove their waste?

10/06/2017 19:41

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