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I am the owner of a flat. I bought the property tenanted and have continued to rent out the property when the first tenant vacated. I have been sent a letter requesting £120, for a Notice of Underletting to be served upon the freeholder. This seems a large charge and the reason for this charge is stated to be section 6 on page 11. I am trying to understand if this statement applies. The statement reads 6. Within one calendar month next after any transfer assignment (whether absolute or not) assent sub-demise or mortgage (whether by demise or by way of legal charge) or devolution of his interest in the Property or any part thereof (including the discharge of any Mortgage or Charge whether by re-assignment or receipt) to give notice in writing to the Lessor's Solicitors thereof and of the name and address of the person thereby becoming entitled to any estate or interest in the Property or any part thereof and to produce to the Lessor's Solicitors the relevant instrument (including a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration or Death Certificate)
evidencing such devolution and to pay to them their reasonable fee for the registration of such notice plus any taxes which may be payable.

I have ask the lease advisory service my original convanser and a solicitor and they all tell me that sub-demise does not refer to an AST in this case, but the property management company are insisting that this does. Can anyone advice me, as I am getting demands for the information.

Thanks in advance

16/06/2017 00:55

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