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I had rented a two bed apartmentin a block of flats through an agent. the tenant for some reason kept an electric hob on the kitchen work top although there was a gas cooker. Despite my telling them not to they did it again. the worktop cracked in a lot of places. It was not new but this behaviour made the work top crack in many places. I was shocked that when they left on the 8th of May they had covered the worktop with cheap plastick sheeting and pasted this with glue. I am worried this may be a fire rish for new tenants and asked a builder about replacing work top. He said it will be very difficult because the tiling on the wall surrounding it has to be removed and also the base units may get damaged as they are old; which means I will have to fit a whole new kitchen which will cost me thousand of pounds. they had also moved beds to the lounge and also a big wardrobe of theirs into the lounge and left a lot of their furniture. Only yesterday the agent was able to remove most of them. I was unable to rent the property to any one and still am unable to without changing the work top. Specially after the new fire in London I am scared to give anything which is a potential fire hazard. Can I take the tenant to arbitration as theyhad no right to cover my work top with plastic covering. As an easier way I asked the builder if I could cover with a sheet of formica but he said its not possible because the plastic has been glued down. I really widh to take the tenant to court but do you think it will be of any use. How should I go about with the least possible stress as I am not young and dont want hassle. Help from the land lord team will be very much appreciated. Rainbow

18/06/2017 22:26

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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