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John R
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Hi all

One of my rental properties is a 4 person non related shared flat on a council estate. It would be an HMO but we are excluded from that here tho it does inform my questin.

Two months ago I was called by the police to inform me that they had just searched the flat under he misuse of drugs act and I needed to go round so that they could hand the flat back to me as they had taken the tenants away with them. I had been there frequently recently as I had been doing some work there and they are all very quiet and all eventually came back with just one person having received a caution. Anyhow not withstanding this means no compensation for the £2,000 damage done to gain access. My question is has anyone issued a freedom of information request as to what who or why this happened and if so is it worth bothering about. I don't want to kick out what have up to now been very good tenants, no neighbour has complained about anything and I was very happy about that, when I could just get a new set in who are worse but I don't want to store up problems for the future so I guess they wouldn't tell me much but just wanted the experience of others to help me on my decision path



20/06/2017 14:15

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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