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Electrical regulations for HMOs

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I have just had a 5 year mains wiring inspection on a licensed HMO & the electrician has said all the main boards need to be replaced with new metal clad ones in order to comply with current standards. There are 5 boards in the property so the cost is quite significant, c.£1400. The current boards are modern plastic units which I have had installed in other properties in the last few years so I was surprised that they need to be replaced. Please can you confirm if the advice I am being given by the electrician is correct & that I do need to replace the boards to be legally compliant? My understanding of building regs related matters is that the installation/ materials only need to comply with the regs in force at the time so unless they were being changed or replaced by choice then things do not need to be continually changed/ upgraded every time the relevant regulations change; as there is nothing else wrong with the electrical installation in my HMO I would not be intending on changing anything unless I have to for compliance reasons.

21/06/2017 09:40

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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