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My agent had not got a proper check out inventory and I was abroad when the tenant left. All the agent wanted after that was to advertise and get a new tenant. However; I told the agent not to advertise without putting the property back into the original condition. when I came back I found the place to be in a total mess. One by one after a lot of e mails I got most of it solved. later, after asking the agent to return the deposit I found more problems. The light in the fridge was broken and and covered with a plastic paper, the coffee table was broken but fixed like its OK and left in a room etc. Can I take the tenant to court after returning deposit?. Adjudication is biased anyway and would not have helped. the tenant would have said the coffee table was cheap and just came off etc or any excuse. Also the bed was moved to the lounge and they had been subletting because there are letters coming to someone other than the tenant. the extra mattresses left by them prove it as well. One day when I went there when some work was done there was someone else sitting on a bed and when questioned ws told he just came to see them. I know its very difficult to prove as they will say visitor or something and get away but legally even a sub let tenant has to be checked for immigration but what do we do if they dodge and we cannot prove?

22/06/2017 08:15

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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