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Access for repairs, tenant with holding rent etc

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Good morning.

I am having difficulty gaining access in order to carry out repairs and i wanted to know what a Landlords rights are.

Unfortunately this tenant has always been a very difficult character and all my workmen find him difficult to deal with.

At the moment his back upvc door is broken and will not open which is a potential fire hazard. My worker who is on a big job asked if he can come first thing in the morning at 8/30am before he gets to his main job, but the tenant will not accommodate saying that only after 10am is good for him. I also wanted to visit at 8:30am to inspect the property as i am at work 9-5 and i get the same response.

When i say that i will give the workmen a key or i will use my key to let myself in the response is NO i don't want anyone coming in with a key.

He is also complaining about mould, and playing the common my child will get asthma card, but yet despite advise to ventilate and heat the property, and not leave pots cooking and drying clothes all day he ignores the advice and blames the landlord.

The joke is that he is complaining that things in the property are not being sorted out but yet he is so difficult to accommodate access in order to sort out any issues.

He is also withholding his rent now for about 3 weeks which i assume is due to him being unhappy that the works have not been done.

Please can you let me know what my rights are in terms of access. can i give 24 hours notice and say i am coming at X time.

and please can you let me know what to do about him withholding rent.

I would say i am a very good and considerate landlord and always do my best to look after tenants and the property, but this person is just so difficult to deal with. If i could get him to leave i would.

Thank you for your time as always.

Kind regards


22/06/2017 09:40

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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