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Clauses to make rent agreement more secure

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I have drafted following clauses to attach with the tenancy agreement and get all new tenants to name sign and date it. Please someone and specially RLA professionals advice on what they think. Will they stand in court? Is it written correctly? and anythink more to add on to it? Many Thanks.

Following clauses overrides any clauses in the Tenancy agreement in case of a conflict.

  1. Tenant can not stop paying the rent for any reason whatsoever. For example, even if Landlord fails to take necessary action against any issues for which landlord is responsible. This tenancy agreement is only for 1 month and then it becomes periodic. Therefore, if tenant is not happy for whatever reason or can not financially afford anymore to live in the property then Tenant must give the 1 month notice and vacate the property.
  2. Incase of any court action, Tenant will be liable for Landlord's all court costs, legal costs & any eviction company specialists fees incurred, if Landlord choose to hold Tenant responsible.
  3. All Tenants are responsible for the Rent. But Landlord might start or decide to proceed further with any court case against some or one of the Tenant only for whatsoever reason, for example, issues of tenant traceability, individual tenant's financial health, etc. Therefore, in any court case, some or one of the Tenant can be held responsible to pay all unpaid rent, Landlord court and legal costs and eviction specialist company fees.
  4. Tenant allows Landlord to pass any information which Landlord has to debt collection company so to assist them with the case or to trace the Tenant. Tenant will be held responsible to pay for their fees incurred by the landlord.
  5. Tenant must send all notices to Landlord via royal mail signed for service; and also take the picture of the actual written notice (not letter) and send via email (to Proof of delivery of notice sent via post and email to be kept by the Tenant. Otherwise, Tenant can also personally hand the notice to the Landlord. Proof to be kept by the Tenant of notice signed, named and dated by the Landlord.

22/06/2017 10:37

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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