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Hello,very briefly we have a very worrying problem that has caused me to have two heart attacks. I own a small estate of properties. Two rouge councils were trying to get two properties off us for their developers friends. We advertised a Country house, a man with woman called who said he had a private investigating firm who were on the internet worldwide, we thought this is just what we need. We agreed that he could live rent free in return for helping with our problems with properties. How ever at first he seem fine but then got us to sell properties to friends of his, said needed money to go after the councils to sue. We finally realized that he was a rouge and smart conman obtaining large sums of money. He sent a email saying he was no longer working for us when he got found out. We served a sec 21 notice only to find not valid if no written agreement. I know I should get a possession order but I have been told I cannot if he brings a claim against me(all lies)but I would have thought a free house does not apply when he stopped working for me and is trespassing and been there all this time while I have been ill paying no rent and causing so much stress. He has forged written documents and my signature plus using false names even going to court saying he was a relative of me and using a false name. We have contacted the police who say its a civil mater?. I have been a member with my late mother a very long time going back to the very first meeting of the Flat Owners Assoc, then becoming the Manchester landlords assoc, the forerunners of RLA, Mr Krell and miss cook the very first organizers (I am in my seventies). Any help advice please would be appreciated to get rid of this man and his woman.

28/06/2017 16:46

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