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I wonder if this forum carries any weight in an attempt to redress the balance to ensure a fair deal for landlord and tenant . When a section 21 notice is served correctly and it is often necessary to serve a section 8 notice for arrears also, the tenant does not need to move out. More expense and stress ensues in obtaining a repossession order and probably a bailiff action following that.
There appears to be no recognition that the tenant is in arrears and often refusing access to the property even for statutory requirements. The necessity for a landlord having to get a court injunction/order for a gas check is ridiculous.
My own experience of keeping rents well below market rents in the belief that tenants should not be exploited, and I have seen a lot of exploitation. However, the over protection of tenants now is leading to a lot of small landlords selling and in our local area it is getting increasingly difficult for tenants either to move or find an affordable property. Can RLA influence the debate ?

30/06/2017 12:34

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