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Been trying to rent out my flat but have plenty of competitions around the area so it's a price war. As a speedy measure, I have been asked if I would accept a couple that has a kid and 5 cats for my small 1 bed flat.
I have two issues as such -

1) I couldn't find a document sample from RLA for Pets policy. Is there an updated RLA sample tenancy agreement that comes with pets policy or a copy that anyone cares to share? What are the things that I need to look out for in terms of pets or children for that matter?

2) I spoke to the freeholder management company and was told it costs:
£130 to register new tenancy, £65 to renew later for consent to sublet plus £80 to get consent for pets. The charges seem excessive though from freeholder management. Wondering if anyone came across this and is it reasonable for a freeholder to ask this much even before I could get a decent rental payment to offset mortgage?

04/07/2017 02:03

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