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Advice on tenant becoming pregnant

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Can anyone offer advice over this circumstance? on 30th July 2016 we signed up a new couple for a flat located in a large Victorian house with 9 self contained flats, the man was a lawyer and the newly married wife was between various silver servicing/nannying jobs. Seems all good there. This couple have paid on time and do keep the flat in good order.
we however received information last month from one of the other tenants explaining that they believed this couple were expecting a child and that they would rather be on a periodic/shorter 6 month contract, because they felt there was a real possibility of antisocial noise issues. I contacted the couple to see if this was true, as we generally try to keep this a quiet house, with a no children policy, as noise does travel quite easily in this building despite having done various measures to reduce noise transfer between the flats.
The couple denied this was the case. However 1 month later I saw the wife in the streets and my best guess is she is atleast 7or8 month pregnant.
This now puts us in a difficult position, do we now enact the pre-signed section 21 (a/b) forms? What legal right would we have to do this? (would this be discriminatory?), or continue with their tenancy and quite likely face losing several tenants from the other flats when a screaming new born is in the flat & then most likely have to enact the eviction on noise issues anyway???

Any help/ advise would be appreciated

04/07/2017 16:18

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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