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I have submitted court proceeding documents on 16-06-2017 on the basis of section 8 notice for recovering of rent arrears and possession order. But to date I have not received any acknowledgement from the bow county court. I heard that bow county court got poor record. They are not responding e-mail and answering the phone call. Meeting personally at the court is also not allowed without appointment. So far I only know that my cheque for court fees of £355.00 has been debited from my account on 23-06-2017.
Recently I have received numbers of complaints from neighbours of my rented property about anti-social behaviours from my tenants. Neighboiurs have tried to resolve the issue their own but tenants are not bothering. Neighbours also have been made written complaint to local council but council have not taken any action. I understand that evictions will be quicker if a tenant has been involved with anti-social behaviour. Now neighbour have approached me to resolve the issue. Also neighbour has been warn me that they will leave their home due to noise created by my tenants at 2.30 am. They also warn me that they will claim all cost of accommodation from me.
Also on 29th May 2017, tenant has become very aggressive toward me at the outside of premises and tried to hit me. He also said that he will cut my neck. Unfortunately, I have not reported the incident to police but I have successfully managed to take a picture when he was approaching toward me. Please advise me
(1) Normally how many days are required from the court for issuance of case number and hearing date?
(2) Do I need to report police about tenants threatening and include a same in witness statement?
(3) Can I add an anti-social behaviour now in a witness statement?
(4) How can I deal neighbours of my rented property?
(5) Can neighbour of my rented property are authorise to claim a cost of hotel accommodation from me.

06/07/2017 16:34

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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