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We have a protected tenant in one of our properties who has been there for more than twenty years before we owned the property.
He's a complete eccentric who we allow to go about his business as he pleases because we love the guy.
The problem we have is that his property is in dire need of repairs and upgrade, we have written to him offering to repair his windows, fit a new kitchen, fit new central heating and anything else that may make what are now later years, more comfortable. He point blank refuses any help we offer and, in his mind, he thinks it's some sort of conspiracy to get him out of the property.
We also know that in the past, he has refused help from any care agencies and social services.
We are worried that should he receive a visit from the local council and they assessed his property under HHSRS, it would fail on every point. We also do not want to force anything on him against his will.
Wondering if anyone else has been in this situation? and any advice on what we should do next.

07/07/2017 16:47

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