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Hi I've never had a problem at the end of tenancies, however I have a property that is on a rolling periodic tenancy. The rent payment date is 1st of the month and on 6th June I was given notice (due to relationship breakdown)by one of the tenants via text message. I explained that they would still be liable for the July rent and the property until end of July or until I could find a suitable tenant before then. I instructed an agent immediately. Communication had been fine with tenants although they kept saying they wanted to leave at end of June. Reiterated several times their responsibility under the tenancy. No rent paid on 1st July so messaged them that rent not received. They told me that money was tight and wanted to come to an arrangement and "Also the house is empty". I offered for them to pay half now and half at the middle of the month (assuming new tenant hadn't moved in). Since then no communication or payment. I have the keys now and there are some items that I would like to claim from the deposit - one month's rent - (carpet cleaning, oven cleaning, rubbish removal, renewal of kitchen wall units due to shelves broken, painting due to large motivational wall stickers having to be removed). I have their previous addresses (parent's home addresses) so could send a registered letter to them there. Just wanted to know if I could make the offer of keeping the full deposit and them to pay for the repairs separately or do I have to keep the two things separate.

13/07/2017 16:37

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