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ROOM LET relief and a moan from me

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WE have finally let out our studio room, subject to checks, refs (posh bedsit) in zone 2/3 London near tube.

It was vacant since Mid March getting one person every couple of weeks viewing if that and meant having a 1 min look and saying, Will come back to you, Can we let you know tomorrow, needless to say we never heard back.

One even texted me 5 mins before the viewing saying he couldnt come despite confirmation the day beforeand confirmation at 4.30 that day , the viewing was at 7.45 .I now try to get them to confirm at 6pm however I need to drive and be there before them and it takes at least 45 mins to ddrive there, so its a whole evening gone and I always take someone with me for safety.

The room is in brand new condition and very clean, but shared brand new shower room and toilet with one other person.

The room always looked perfect, clean and with light coming from SW and W.

I am so relieved that someone came in took a 1 min look around asked about the bills which Council tax is £35pcm and electric bill on average £30pcm and said this is just what I have been looking for, I was quite shocked, so used to being rejected.

This makes me think that our flat which has now been vacant for 3 months will be let at some stage, we nearly had someone in but they proved with their demands before entry to be a nightmare.Others said it was perfect but when I gave the partner the no smoking talk, yes even in the garden they lost interest which means they were lying about them and their friends being non smokers.Others who wanted it smelled of smoke and said they would not smoke as they could smoke at work, this was a police officer female working at Westminster, I cannot imagine the police letting her smoke whilst protecting the public from the terrorists.

Even peoople who wanted the flat for 6 months and then phoned up to say they wanted it for 4 months.

we tried putting the price down but did not get professionals applying and less interest so put it up.

There may be hope for letting it as the interests on the sites have begun, August was our busiest time last year with about 40 applying for a room, it dried up for us after 2nd week in September.

\I am just really relieved with the room as we never thought it would be let out again, people were actually saying they had looked at over 15 properties and were prepared to look at more over the next couple of days. Nobody seemed to be in any hurry.

Anyway I have had my moan and thank you for reading.

14/07/2017 09:50

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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