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Hi all, grateful for views and advice. Unfortunately I had to evict tenants of mine back in 2013 and the Local council have now come after me for council tax, presumably as the tenant hasn't paid it. In summary the tenants failed to leave after a s21 notice, I went through the usual court process and they were given a date to leave of 29 January. The tenants failed to communicate with me at all and there was a house and garden full of their belongings even after the 29 January, I finally had a communication that they didn't want their belongings and it cost me circa £1k to get them removed (so not an unsubstantial amount of stuff!). I spoke to neighbours and they confirmed the tenants were there at times, but they rightly chose not to engage with them. I now know that the tenants took a new tenancy at another property at end November and took several months to move some of their belongings. They changed their HB claim from November. So the council are wanting to make me liable for ctax from 29 Nov. On legal advice I could not enter the property until 29 January and maintain that the property wasnt empty. The council are effectively saying as the tenants left in Nov I am liable, I am maintaining I legally couldn't enter a the tenancy hadn't ended until 29 January. Any advice on making my argument - I do have photos from January. My next step is a valuation agency appeal. On one hand I am thinking just pay it and be done with it, on the other, this was my big learning tenancy and thankfully I havent made the mistake of taking such tenants again, they costs me £000's so why should I take another hit. Any suggestions welcome.

16/07/2017 10:27

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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