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Good morning
I made an application to the court on behalf of my landlord client for a possession order.
16 March 2017 paperwork was submitted
5 May I rang the court to find out what the delay was only to be told that they had sent out the papers but had forgotten to put the eviction date on it so they were recalled and the process had to start again. I checked with the landlord to see if he had had the papers (albeit with no eviction date), but he hadn't. I checked to see what address they had and then realised that the landlord had moved since lodging the papers. They asked me email in his new address which I did.
23 May I rang to chase again only to be told that they thought it was the tenant who lived at the new address so I emailed again to clarify which person on the application form was the landlord and which was the tenant. (Isn't it obvious?)
2 June I chased this up again and they said that the papers had now been sent to the correct address second class. Spoke to the landlord who said he hadn't had them. I then asked that they send me the paperwork via email so that the landlord could sign them, which they did. I received them, the landlord signed them and I sent them back.
7 June Papers resubmitted and confirmed that they had been received.
23 June Chased court again to find out where the paperwork was. They said they were
running about two weeks behind and we should hear "shortly".
Yesterday I heard from the landlord that the case had been struck out because the landlord had to use his current residential address. The address was correct at the time of the papers being submitted.
As far as I am concerned, this is a flagrant case of mismanagement by the court. First of all they couldn't discern who was the tenant and who was the landlord from their own paperwork, then to miss the eviction date on the paperwork that was sent out, and then to niggle over the fact that the landlord had moved house during the time of the process.
Is there not some redress for this? Any advice you could give would be most gratefully received as I don't want to start this whole process again.
Many thanks
Julia Rodgers

19/07/2017 10:07

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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