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Hi I'm trying to switch my mortgage after letting my residential property to a buy to let but keep getting declined due to the flat having what they say is "subject to balcony access"

the flat is an ex local authority maisonette on the first floor and it's only one maisonette on top of the other they will lend on the ground floor flats
but say that if you have to walk up stairs and along the external walk way to the front door of our flat that is classed as a shared access balcony and will not lend because someone could walk up the stairs and get to my door or any other of the 8 maisonette doors ?????

What I can't understand is any one of the my neighbours could walk to any other door and the ground floor and they would lend

Whats the differance as I can't see any???

If anyone could give any advise apart from don't but a flat with a first floor access walk way please share

Kind regards

21/07/2017 21:41

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