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One of my tenants recently asked if her boyfriend can move in to the property. Currently, the property is occupied by just her on an AST (which has passed the fixed period and now periodic) and her toddler child with her parents acting as guarantors. She is a good tenant and I have no objection in principle to the boyfriend moving in.

My questions is, what contractual paperwork, if any, should I do concerning this change? Is there an easy way to add another name to an AST without having to start a new tenancy? If a new tenancy needs to be started from scratch, then I presume that I will also have to re-register the deposit, re-do the inventory (which is difficult if the house is not empty) and re-sign the guarantor statements + "right to rent" and "how to rent".

Is there some other way? Could she sub-let to her boy-friend?

Anything else I should consider?

Many thanks for any advice received,


25/07/2017 10:10

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