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Phil from Belfast
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I have recently used one of your tenancy agreements and I included as per your agreement a clause where a fee of £20 would be incurred for a a late rental payment of 14 days or more where I needed to write a letter to the tenant. I also included a fee of £50 where I had to write a letter to them advising them of the need for me to take them to court for non payment.
I left my property in the hands of a local estate agent here in Belfast and they were unhappy with these charges being included in the tenancy agreement as they said that they were unfair. I felt that they were reasonable and not disproportionate in any way. I have worked in the industry and these fees are fairly standard practice.
What are your thoughts please. Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 I don't see an issue and I feel that this is something the courts will deal with and decide on in any case.

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31/07/2017 16:02

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