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We've served a section 21 and now need to proceed to gaining a possession order. I want to use a company to help us do so. I have been talking with the above company who have checked our paperwork and says everything is in order and I was about to instruct them, when I suddenly had an attack of caution! I'm not 100% certain all is in order TBH and so I'm thinking I may need a 2nd opinion... I don't want to waste time on this, I want our tenant out of our house, so don't want any unnecessary delays.

I know that RLA suggest Landlord Action and I did request a call back from them a couple of weeks ago with no response. I also tried to call them today directly and was fobbed off - all busy, leave a message, they'll call me back... yada yada... No call back so I'm not feeling the love there at the moment...

Can anyone recommend someone if not the above company?


31/07/2017 19:50

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