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I have just had a new Tenant move in about six weeks ago. British Gas was due to do a Gas Safty Inspection today and the Engineer rang with a problem. The Baxi-Bermuda Central heating boiler was capped off and the burner unit was missing. I suspect that it is now not repairable due to the missing parts. The property now has no heating and the Tenant is a young single mother with a baby. She claims that it was like when she moved in - it was not, it all worked. Said that it was old and she did not like it. She has also started extensive renovations, removing carpets, blind's and curtains. Changing plug sockets, removing Gas stove and replacing with her own electric, though it still needs cables and cooker box fitted.
Not sure what I can do, I will write and point out the Tenants Agreement terms to her but it it is probably going to need a new boiler at a cost of £3/4,000 but who will pay?
Any ideals on how to best deal with this problem? She has a 12 month agreement.

01/08/2017 18:16

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