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We have a long standing problem of damp (to the extent of visible moisture) on an adjoining inner wall.

I have seen extreme water damage on the other owners wall, which he claims is going to be fixed. I requested he investigate the possible source of the water ingress when it is fixed. I suspect its the roof.

Anyway, its dragging on, I'm not confident the problem will be investigated properly and the owner has his property up for sale.

To frustrate matters the owner is quite old and has reportedly been suffering from dementia.

What options do I have given informal attempts to sort this aren't working? This has been going on for over 12 months.

I guess I am looking for advice on how to pursue this through legal avenues. Does RLA have documentation I can read on this sort of situation.

The property adjoining is a separate building with a separate by joined roof so there is no common "management" company or lease. All properties are leasehold with 1800's freehold titles.


02/08/2017 09:33

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