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Getting our property back at notice end

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Ian S
Ian S
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Hi folks.

We own a couple of properties and my wife needs to move back in to one that we currently rent out as we are selling our home. We were going to move back in together but are now splitting up partly to do with the stress of this situation (described below) but other things as well.

We have served section 21 notice and the tenant signed a copy to acknowledge he received it.

We did offer a months free rent if he could move out within one month instead of two as our buyer wants to move in end August but we did tell the tenant we understand if he can`t.

He was very cooperative and said I will try my best etc but is no sounding as though he will not be moving out even on the notice date of 10th Sept.

He says he needs to think about his partner who can`t drive and his child, etc. Problem is that our house is in a desirable neighbourhood and we did not raise the rent in line with the market as he was generally a good tenant.

We think he now realizes he cannot get a comparable property for similar money.

What can we do to ensure if we do have to go to court that we are able to expedite matters and is there anything we can do now to speed things along?

We are still on reasonable talking terms with the tenant and don`t want to upset that if possible. However, as time gets closer he is being a little more entrenched in his stance.

We believe he is not being realistic and looking for something like ours which is now approx. 200 - 300 pounds cheaper than similar. There are only the 2 of them plus a small child so they don`t really need a 3 bed.

Best regards

07/08/2017 20:01

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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