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I have a small block of flats, with 3 self contained 1 bed flats and 4 rooms that share a bathroom, Last year one of my tenants died in his room, i was contacted by another tenant who was concerned about him, but 10 minutes later when i arrived the police had already arrived and smashed the lock to gain access.
I was not allowed into the room, and although i am a builder i was told that i was not allowed to fix the door because their contractors had to do it, i was also told that i was not allowed access into the room and that the deceased tenants family would be given the key.
So 3 weeks later i get the room back, sort out the money etc, and get on with life.

Now over 11 months later i get an invoice from Rapidsecure for £204.00 for securing the room.

I wrote to them explaining that i did not request the work, (fitting a padlock to the door with 2 screw in rings), and it was not for my benefit but for the deceased family, Their response was to send me a court warning notice.

So my question is, am i liable for this work? and if it goes to court will i win. It is now over a year since this happened.

08/08/2017 19:03

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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