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So .. small potted history.

3 bed house, nice tenants, been there 18 months, I've just done a lot of work to the place. All great. finish work, week later, they hand notice in (they have an offer they cannot refuse of a house in the country, I tell them all that glitters is not necessarily gold etc). They moan because I'm possibly going to hold them to the correct notice period. Anyway, I move heaven and earth and find a really decent tenant in desperate need for a house (current landlord selling) and new tenant in tears when I tell her she has the house. Move in date 1st September. a month early and so both sides very happy! All good.

I just get a call from existing tenant "we cannot move out, the owner of the house is now selling it and we are in pieces, we are so sorry, didn't want this to happen etc etc".

I told him trust lost etc ... bla bla ... told them I'm now the meat in the sandwich ...


10/08/2017 12:55

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