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I have or had a tenant that has gone quite a lot in arrears with her rent.
I applied and got a Notice Of Issue for a possession order which I haven't applied for yet.
The house is still full of her furniture which she hasn't tried to remove or come to an agreement with me in relation to paying off her rent arrears.
She still has keys to the property and can enter anytime she wants to.
She stopped her housing benefit as she has told me that she is living elsewhere.
I am almost certain that she is playing me to see what I do with all her belongings after I have gotten the possession order.
I have been able to contact her and her sister by text occasionally but neither of them reply to my texts straight away and sometimes not for days. I do not know where her sister lives or where she has moved to.
Could someone please advise me of how I handle this situation to obviously cover myself and what do I do with all her stuff?
With every tenant I take on. I ask them to sign a statement saying that once they have left the premises. I can dispose of any of their possessions as I see fit.
I have never been in a situation like this before even though I have been a landlord for 35 years.
Could someone please advise me on how I handle this situation I am in and what I am legally allowed to do with all her belongings.

Kind Regards

15/08/2017 12:01

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