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My tenant is currently on holiday and i agreed with her to carry out some maintenance work in the property. In clear view on the kitchen table was a notice relating to non-payment of utility bills advising that a warrant of entry has been applied for to fit pre-paid meters.

I have not been notified of any arrears relating to utlilities (i understand that there is a privacy issue here) and i don't have much of an understanding of pre-paid meters, but my instinct is that i would not provide approval to have a meter installed, and have an assumption that this would have an impact of future lets.

My question is two-fold really i) how should i manage the issue of seeing a letter that is not addressed to me, but was in plain sight (data protection) 2) can i do anything to prevent installation of a meter.

By way of additional background the tenant is also 2 months arrears in rent.

21/08/2017 20:02

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