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Dear Advice Team,

I am currently looking at suitable addendum clauses for my RLA Deposit Guard AST's.

Would you comment on the legality etc of following suggestions? The wordings are in draft only and will need "cleaning up"

1 Your rent payment is to be made by a single bank transfer by standing order by the lead tenant for the full amount due. A deduction of £5 will be levied against your deposit in respect of any week for which this procedure is not followed.
2 The prohibition against animals being moved into the property without our permission includes temporary refuge of any duration. A minimum deduction of £250 will be made from your deposit for any violation of this clause.
3 You agree that notifications and documents under the tenancy may be served by email. Chargeable letters may be served as an email attachment.
4 You will notify us of any correspondence arriving at the property addressed to us and save that correspondence for collection by us at a mutually agreed time.
5 You give us permission to notify any serious breaches by you of the tenancy conditions to any references nominated by you past and future.
6 You will provide us with written proof of payments for utilities and council tax at the end of the tenancy.
7 If the property is sublet without our written permission then a minimum deduction of £250 will be made per unauthorised sub-tenant. Unauthorised guests will be deemed to be sub-tenants unless proven otherwise.
8 Should charges for tenancy breaches exceed £100 then you will be required to pay these in full within 14 days of any written demand from us in order to maintain the value of your deposit.
9 You are notified that we adopt a zero tolerance approach to rude or aggressive behaviour.
10 You are responsible for routine maintenance such as changing light bulbs, cleaning washing machine filters, defrosting freezers, renewing batteries, topping up the boiler to maintain pressure. The costs of any maintenance call-outs in respect of these items will be levied against your deposit.

Thank you for your assistance.

22/08/2017 20:42

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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