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Hello all,

I've just carried out credit checks via RLA's credit checking service for a young couple (early/mid 20's) and their "gauge score" has come back very poor - about 60% chance of falling into arrears. They have no recorded ccj's etc and both work for good large companies.

I have sent off reference requests to their employers and previous landlord (they lived together in the current place). Once I have received these I will be arranging a meeting to get sight of bank statements, wage slips and will need to make a decision whether to let them have it. I have a lot of interest in the flat and my impressions were very good about them

There was also an oddity in that I input the same address for both people (since they live together)when ordering the credit checks but in the "summary" section for one of them their current address comes up as a different flat number in the same block? an error by the credit check co? I would be very surprised if the "gauge score" is correct as I'm not bad at spotting bad 'uns. Anyone had similar experiences with credit checks? I'd value your thoughts.

28/08/2017 22:40

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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