Renting out a 4 Bed House as a 3 Bed House (Excluded Room from Let)

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I am currently advertising a 4 bed house on the market but these are much more difficult to rent than a 1 or 2 bed property.

Some people have mentioned they have tenancies where they are specifically excluded areas such as a garage, the loft or a cellar from the tenancy. I would like to know, is it possible to reduce the market rent and possibly offer the property as a 3 bed. The loft conversion room has a key lock on the door as well as an en- suite bathroom. We do not plan to use that room but it could be easier to secure a family tenant with the lowered rent on 3 bedroom rather than 4 beds. I would be very reluctant to offer a 4 bed with an additional bathroom on a reduced rent.

Can this be done on an AST and how do I check that the tenants haven't broken the lock and are using that room? Presumably I would have to give notice for inspection. Or is there another contract that we can use for exclusive access to the property but the loft area is owner occupied?

29/08/2017 23:33

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