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We have a tenant which started a fire in one of our properties by melting a bottle on a four ring hob. The fire brigade was called and the fire was contained in the kitchen but it was found that the tenant had wired the electric meter and therefore they removed the meter box. The tenant is now living with a friend which is said to be unsuitable, there is a support worker involved with the tenant and she has said that we now have to provide an up to date electrical report for the property to say that the property is safe for electricity to be put back on and for a meter to be fitted at the cost of the landlord. The tenant has already been served her notice and should leave on the 31st October. My question is should this be at the expense of the landlord when a) the tenant wired the meter, b) the tenant set the property on fire c) the fire brigade only removed the meter because it was wired. It seems very unfair for the Landlord to have to pay for it when it was nothing to do with them. Also why should they put one in when the tenant has been served their notice and really we don't want her back in the property. We would like some advice so we know that what the support worker is saying is correct and not a way of getting the landlord to pay for something which the tenant is responsible for.

30/08/2017 12:32

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