Sleepless nights; worrying about tenants and costs.

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Hi all,

First ever post, so please be gentle! (Hope it's in the correct area/category too!)

Am after some advice please; We conducted our annual inspection of our property and it has suffered damage that we feel falls outside the bounds of 'fair wear and tear', but thought we might seek some advice here to see if we are possibly over reacting or nit picking?

Tenants have been residing at our 3 bed property for just over three years, and we conduct annual inspections where we flag up anything that could potentially cost money to the tenants and advise them accordingly in writing.

Everything was 100% before tenants arrival with them signing a 'condition' inventory, and photographic evidence taken.

Here's a list of some of the more pertinent issues:

• Satellite coax's have been removed from Sky dish and coiled behind the bracket
• Green (algae etc) and plant build-up on all external white work - This was flagged last two years
• UPVC 'door shut's have large amount of debris in them causing weather seals to be displaced and doors hard to shut
• Stud wall built in garage - without our approval
• Small Sink mounted in garage - without our approval
• Missing tube lights from light units in garage – Safety observation
• Racking brackets and shelving brackets affixed in garage - without prior approval
• Wall mounted 240VAC switched two gang socket, semi permanent fixture wired to existing socket in garage
• Freezer door handle broken off from Leibher upright Fridge/freezer
• Both large cupboard doors missing/broken in kitchen over washing/drying machine – This was flagged as a safety issue as they were hanging off after the first year and flagged as required fixing
• Hob extractor fan appears unserviceable – Build-up of fat on walls/cupboards etc
• Dent in sink unit (1 dent) - Caused by hard blow or heavy dropped object
• Secondary feed to rear of property from Sky dish (double coax) removed
• Fire alarm no longer fitted to living room – Location unknown (Safety issue)
• Door frame in Bedroom 1 has shifted - possibly from impact causing damage to bottom of adjoining decorative skirting board (approx. 6’’ long by 0.5’’ deep)
• Large build-up of scale on all taps and shower glass in bathroom – This is a known hard water area. Electronic descaler fitted prior to tenants arrival and tenants advised of need to spray/clean with supermarket shower descaler or similar to avoid excessive build-up – Scale is now ‘jacking’ shower glass from rubber seals, allowing water to seep into nearby skirting board – This advice has not been taken onboard
• Chips (approx. 6) out of bottom of walk-in shower tray – Caused by hard blow or dropped object
• Chips (approx.. 5) out of flat surface of porcelain sink unit – Caused by hard blow or dropped object
• Wall at front of driveway and parking area (approx. 7 course high with flag stone topping) knocked down – Advised tenants of safety issue and it is being rebuilt
• Down pipe on porch no longer attached to wall and free to move – Brackets have been broken

We have highlighted the need to keep on top of some of the above items as preventative maintenance, but my main worry is that come the day when they do leave, the deposit may not cover the costs of labour/items that need to be replaced?

Are we being too gentle? I want them out and the items fixed/replaced and the wife says that she feels sorry because they have limited funds and 5 children!
We would both rather them stay, but just look after the place so that it doesn't cost them money in the long run.
We are NOT telling them how to live and are NOT the interfering type of LL if this post comes across as such ;-)

Thanks so much in advance,

30/08/2017 13:53

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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