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Disagreement with Council

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Hi everyone,

7 months ago, I bought a flat in 2nd floor. 2 weeks ago, the owner downstair has complained about an incident of water leaking from his ceiling (thru his spotlight) and claimed that the water came from the shower tray of my flat. But after inspection, no evidence cannot be found that there are leaks from my shower or any part of my flat. He then reported the council's environmental dept. The council now contacted me, telling me that he will come to inspect my flat, and very likely he will appoint their qualified plumber and come to remove my shower tray and see how to fix the problem.

I am totally shocked by the council's plan. My tenant, living here for 4 months, is using the shower, toilet and basin every day, and from my point of view, if there is leak, it should leak constantly, instead of one leak in the past 7 months. It does indicate to me that the water found in downstair's ceiling is not related to my flat. More importantly, the leak has stopped by itself, and no more report about further leaking is from downstair.

My question, if the council cannot find evidence showing that the leak is caused by my flat, does he still have the power to demolish my shower tray or bathroom floor, just to find out the unknown leak? I also got a feeling that I need to pay for his 'qualified plumber'?

Can you please share with me your opinion, and direction as of where I should go in case I refuse to let the council demolish my bathroom?

Thank you.

Best, Pui

21/11/2012 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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