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Marie Benn
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Has anyone had any dealings with this company?

On Thursday 31 August, one of my tenants reported a leak coming through the ceiling which is directly underneath the bathroom. I telephoned this company (which I joined about 10 months ago) and explained it was an emergency. After paying the excess of £75, I was told someone will call the tenant the following day to arrange a visit. No-one could come until today (Monday 4 September)! I explained to the tenants not to use the shower or bath, but to wash the best they could in the sink until the leak was repaired.

On speaking to my tenants this evening, the engineer called about 2.00pm and explained "leaks wasn't his field" and that "he was there to service the boiler"!!! You can imagine, I am absolutely fuming and, after having called them again tonight, I have been told someone from the technical department will call me tomorrow. I have not had a call or any explanation whatsoever - I am absolutely livid! I asked the person who answered the phoned, if the ceiling collapsed would his company pay for it to be re-plastered???

Once this issue has been sorted out, I am going back to British Gas. At least I always had a prompt response from them.

04/09/2017 21:44

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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