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LTD company - Few probably basic questions

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John H
John H
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Hi All quick background and a few questions....

I own a property in my own name and I am a higher rate tax payer. My accountant has advised me to set up a LTD company (something I have done in the last few days) I have spoken to a broker and they have indicated there is a lender prepared to give a mortgage on this property through a LTD company at the LTV required and I pass all the stress tests....

Now this is where things aren't entirely clear to me.

I am going to personally sell my property at full market value to my own LTD company. I know I can do this.

This will release a large sum of money (CGT is already being taken care of by accountant)

In order for my company to buy the property it needs the deposit for the mortgage (circa £30k) My accountant said it is okay for me to loan this money to my company. ie a directors loan to start the company.

But here's where I am ignorant of how it works. I wont have the £30k until I sell the property... So I need to sell it to raise the money to loan to my company, but the company cant buy it till it has the money. Is it possible to arrange a simultaneous transfer of funds? Maybe this is obvious but I am worried that I am missing something.

Thanks for any assistance or advice.

05/09/2017 14:02

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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