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we are currently renting a two bedroom property to a couple of friends under a joint tenancy agreement. They are now on a periodic tenancy having been in the property for over 8 months. Both have been on housing benefit paid direct to landlord and now on Universal Credit, not paid to landlord, so they each pay half the rent separately. However, one (call them tenant A) is now two months behind with rent and so regrettably, a section 21 has been served for them both to move out by 17th October. tenant A's attitude towards the whole rent arrears and utility bills / debts has meant that tenant B no longer wishes to stay in the property.
So my questions are;
Q1. how much notice (if any) is required from tenant B to move out early?
Q2. if tenant B does move out and tenant A remains, for how long is tenant B still liable for the rent on the property? up to day moves out, 17th October or until tenant A moves out?)

In an attempt to prevent escalation of anxiety, and because Tenant A doesn't look like they have any inclination to move out without going to court (although they say they will try to make the deadline!) I have advised tenant B to send us one months formal notice to arrive before the next rent day to ensure they are severed from the agreement. We also suggested they get independent advice on this.
Q3. Could the next rent date be taken as 17th October as that is the date on the section 21 or would tenant B need to work on the next scheduled rent day which is about a week later?
Q4. Am I right in thinking if this letter is sent then tenant B would no longer be liable for a share of the rent after 17th October, but that tenant A would then be responsible for the whole amount until they move out or get evicted by the court?

I hope you will be able to make enough sense of this to be able to answer the questions and add any further appropriate advice.

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05/09/2017 18:24

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