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Hi All,

I've just re-rented a property and stiplulated 'No Pets', There was an email to the agent stressing this. (agents were introduction only service, not managed).

The two tenants have moved in on a 12 month AST and I have just received a text from the neighbour to say that the tenants have two dogs that bark all day long and one of the dogs got into their house and attacked their cat in their house.

So what course of action should I take? I'd like to boot them out and feel that the letting agent has not fully checked out the tenants and should have found out about the dogs. Now I will have the hassle of getting these tenants out and getting in new tenants.

Do I have the right to boot them out as they have broken the agreement for no pets and is the agent liable for not discovering that the teanants had dogs? I will have the cost of removing these tenants and getting new ones to replace them and feel the agent was at fault and should bear these costs.

What is my best course of action?

Many thanks for ny advice.

L Mason

06/09/2017 22:21

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