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Advice please, I have a tenant who receives a small amount of HB each month, she tops up the rest herself each week (she was getting full rent paid up until a couple of months ago) now I am having to remind her for rent every week & she is usually at least 4 days late, I dont want to keep chasing her for rent every week so I am considering serving a sect 21, now she tells me she might be taking on her sisters 3 kids (she has 4 herself - it's a 4 bedroomed house), she has asked me to go round & see her today which I will, but I don't know what to do, has anyone got any advice please? She's a nice tenant, been living there about 18 months, it's just this constant lateness in rent & should I allow 3 extra children living there?

07/09/2017 07:22

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